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Morso Badger (3112)

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Glass suitable for Morso Stove - Model:Morso Badger (3112)
Size:275 x 242 x 4 mm

High temperature heat resistant ceramic glass specifically manufactured to cope with temperatures in excess of 760°C.
Suitable for replacing glass in:
- Fireplaces
- Multi-fuel Stoves
- Wood burning stoves
- Ovens
- and a variety of other heat applications.

Ensure suitable glass gaskets/seals are replaced before attempting to install replacement glass on your appliance.
Gently finger tighten the screws and washers to hold glass in place.

This product is of very high quality with extremely low thermal expansion properties, and as such, copes with excessive high temperatures from the appliance although not toughened.

Care should always be taken when fitting and handling glass as damage may occur when fitted incorrectly or over tightened.

There are no guarantees on glass products.

SKU SC047-003
Item Morso Badger (3112)
Size 1 (mm) 275
Size 2 (mm) 242
Thickness 4
Orientation Plain
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