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RES 2 SILICONE 175-275mm (7-11 inch) - High Temp

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Suitable for tiled roofs with external pipe diameters of 7inch to 12inch (175mm to 300mm), the aluminium base size is 27inch x 27inch.

Suitable for tiled roofs and is temperature resistance -74°C to 260°C

Enviromentally safe lead free aluminium base. The SILICONE rubber upstand has a 20 year life. The built in 20° pitch allows adaptability to almost any roof pitch including 45°. The pull tab design and easy smooth tear grooving is intended to eliminate cutting by knife and allow for a circular hole.

1. Pull tab design to correct size using pliers, alternatively cut using a stanley knife.
2.Apply silicone sealant to back of flashing.
3.Remove tiles around pipe and slide flashing over pipe.
4. Fasten Flashing to the roof.
5. Cut tile to fit tp the top of the Flashing allowing the bottom of the flashing metal base to sit on top of the tiles.

Item RES 2 SILICONE 175-275mm (7-11 inch) - High Temp
Base Size Dia.: 660 x 660mm
Pipe External: 175-275mm
Roof Pitch: 0-45º
Temperature: 260º C